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Ying Sun

Assistant Professor

1023 Bradfield Hall
(607) 255-4255

Dr. Ying Sun is Assistant Professor of geospatial sciences whose past and present research has focused on processes governing land-atmosphere interactions.

Research Focus

The processes I have studied range from eco-physiological, biophysical, biogeochemical to hydrological. The approaches I have used include leaf/plant-scale measurements, canopy to global scale modeling, remote sensing observations, and big data synthesis and geospatial analysis. Thus my research is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary and requires integrating multi-scale processes and multi-platform remote sensing observations in numerical modeling frameworks.
Future projects aim to: 1) deepen the scientific understanding of fundamental eco-physiological, hydrological, and biogeochemical processes that govern the interactions between land and atmosphere; 2) use the deepened understanding to improve satellite retrievals and large-scale integrated models; and 3) apply the improved satellite observations and models to explore issues of crucial scientific and societal importance, particularly those related to climate change as well as its impact on water sustainability and ecosystem services.
In spring of 2017, I will be joining School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. I have funding available for students and postdocs in areas of land surface modeling and remote sensing. If you are interested in joining my group, please contact me at or

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Conference Proceedings

  • Sun, Y., Hu, L., & Liu, H. (2007). A GIS-based approach for comparative analysis of potential fire risk assessment. Gong, P; Liu YX (ed.), Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), Nanjing, China Y7540-Y7540 p.