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Jonathan Russell-Anelli

Jonathan Russell-Anelli

Senior Lecturer

1002 Bradfield
(607) 255-2485

My research examines the spatial dynamics and characteristics of the environment. The focus is on land cover, soil and management topology and their effects on biogeophysical processes. His research also addressed the spatial arrangement and characterization of soil properties including nutrient and contaminant distribution.

Research Focus

My research program has been devoted to examination of the spatial distribution and variability of soil characteristics in urban and human influenced environments. My major research project areas included investigations of the scale of contaminant distribution patterns in relation to soil forming factors and processes, the use of anthropogenic soils as well as landuse, landcover and land tenure characteristics (distributions appears to be scale dependent and based on a assortment of variables) in a variety of urban centers in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the Mid-West and Eastern Europe.

Outreach and Extension Focus

My extension activities are directed towards two major goals. The first is our ongoing partnership with the USDA/National Resource Conservation Service’s National Cooperative Soil Survey program in New York State. This program is directed towards mapping NYS soils and interpreting soil properties across the State for multiple uses and users. My second major extension activity is soil information support to our NYS and national clients. This role encompasses formal partnerships with such agencies as NYS Office of Agriculture and Markets as well as informal partnerships with entities such as CCE Community Horticulture program and ad hoc communications with extension agents and the public addressing soil related questions. I addition, I also serve to organize and instruct short courses and seminars based on need and interest soil information users.

Teaching Focus

My instructional activities has been directed to introductory Soil Science and advanced Pedology courses for both major and non-major students. I also provide additional lecture and field support to other land resource or management based courses within the Agricultural College.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications