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John Duxbury

John Duxbury


904 Bradfield Hall
(607) 255-1732

I am interested in applying science knowledge to meeting global needs in agriculture and the environment. I tend to take a big picture approach that is based on science knowledge.

Research Focus

My research concentrates on three areas: agriculture, the environment and human health. I am increasingly interested in linking agriculture to human nutrition and health in the international context and energy production in the domestic context. My work in the agriculture and nutrition area is done through projects on the rice-wheat rotation in S. Asia, food chain aspects of arsenic contamination in Bangladesh and production of ringspot resistant transgenic papaya for S. Asia and E. Africa. My work on agriculture and energy is aimed at development and adoption of renewable biofuels in the USA, with concomitant mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. I maintain a long-term interest on the functions and dynamics of soil organic matter, nitrogen cycle processes in upland and flooded soils, and on various aspects of agricultural impacts on greenhouse gas fluxes and climate change. My objectives are to contribute to (1) improving agriculture and natural resource management, especially in developing countries, and (2) broadening the paradigm of agriculture from a focus on productivity and profitability to include nutrition and health outcomes and sustainable use of resources.

Outreach and Extension Focus

1. Biofuels and carbon sequestration in soils
2. Enhancing technology adoption in rice-based cropping systems of S. Asia.

Development of fact sheets and PowerPoint teaching material on biofuels under NE- SARE grants to (i) Cornell and (ii) CNY-RC&D.

FFP project in Bangladesh is disseminating soil liming for acid soils; raised beds as a resource conservation technology in drought prone areas; and raised beds, selected germplasm, alternative crops and improved water management technologies for management of environmental contamination with arsenic in crop production. Machinery manufactures are being developed for bed forming/seeding equipment and loans are provided for tillage service providers to purchase small machinery for bed preparation and seeding. The input supply dealers are being trained to supply appropriate materials and recommendations to farmers. Workshops for training of national scientists and dissemination of project results are being used to build national capacity. Major partners include the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Rural Development Academy (RDA), Rangpur-Dinajpur Rural Development Service (RDRS), Bangabhandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) and Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI).

SM-CRSP grant on Enhancing Technology Adoption in Rice-Wheat Cropping Systems of S. Asia involved working with technology transfer partners in Bangladesh and Nepal (international NGO’s CARE, and IDE, National NGO’s BRAC, Dipshika, ITDC etc. and Department of Extension) as well as farmer groups in farmer to farmer tech. transfer activities. Focus on healthy seedling, permanent raised beds, liming and micronutrient seed enrichment technologies. Program has reached large numbers of farmers (~20,000). Also worked with commercial seed sector in both countries to use healthy seedling technology for seed production. Similar activities with commercial seedling producers, nurseries and flower producers. Provide training to tech transfer partners and developed training materials for them to use. Also developed linkages with the commercial ag. input sector to provide materials and information for technologies. Developed Fact sheets for IRRI Rice Knowledge bank and fact sheets and DVD’s for NGO/government trainers. Adoption and economic impact surveys are used to evaluate adoption and impact.

Teaching Focus

1. Organic matter in soils, sediments and water
2. Plant mineral nutrition

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Book Chapters

  • Mayer, A. B., Latham, M. C., Duxbury, J. M., & Frongillo, E. (2011). A food systems approach to increase dietary zinc in Bnagladesh baased on analysis of diet, rice production and processing. p. 254-267 CABI, Wallingford, UK.

Extension Bulletins

  • Bodruzzaman, M., Rahman, G., Islam, M., Roy, M., Duxbury, J. M., & Lauren, J. G. (2014). Lime Technology for the Acid Soil Regions of Bangladesh. p. 49 USDA Food for Progress Program, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Hossain, M., Hossain, M., Siddquie, M., Panaullah, G., Duxbury, J. M., & Lauren, J. G. (2014). Raised Beds: A Resource Conserving Technology for Improved Crop Production in Bangladesh. p. 47 USDA Food for Progress Program, Dhaka, Bangladesh.