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Jeffrey Melkonian

Jeffrey Melkonian

Senior Research Associate

1016 Bradfield Hall
(607) 255-2472

My work involves the application of dynamic simulation modeling combined with field experimentation to better understand resource use, crop productivity, and the impact of climate in agricultural crops.

Research Focus

The focus of my research is the application of simulation modeling, data analyses and field research to better understand crop production, nitrogen and water fluxes in agricultural and environmental systems, and the impact of the biophysical environment, including high temperature and soil water deficits, on crop production. Research includes examining strategies for nutrient and water management to reduce negative environmental impacts, increase crop production and provide insight into the soil/plant/atmosphere continuum to design more targeted and fruitful experimental and breeding strategies.

Outreach and Extension Focus

My main extension/outreach focus is on improving a well-tested/calibrated dynamic simulation model of water and nitrogen in a maize/soil system to develop improved sidedress nitrogen recommendations for maize production in the major maize production areas in the USA, including New York.

Awards and Honors

  • Citation of Excellence for Associate Editors (2016) Crop Science Society of America

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Moebius-Clune, B., van Es, H. M., & Melkonian, J. J. (2013). Adapt-N Uses Models and Weather Data to Improve Nitrogen Management for Corn. Better Crops with Plant Food. 97:7.
  • Sogbedji, J., Melkonian, J. J., Amouzou, K., Ezui, K., & van Es, H. M. (2013). Application of a Nitrogen Management Model under Maize and Mucuna Cover Cropping in West Africa. Journal of Renewable Agriculture. 1:152-159.
  • Xue, Y., van Es, H. M., Schindelbeck, R. R., Moebius-Clune, B. N., Melkonian, J. J., Graham, C., & Yang, P. (2013). Effects of N placement, carbon distribution and temperature on N2O emissions in clay loam and loamy sand soils. Soil Use and Management. 29:240-249.
  • LaGioria, J., van Es, H. M., Melkonian, J. J., Moebius-Clune, B., & Shearing, D. (2011). A Case Study on the Use of Adapt-N. What's Cropping Up?. 21:16-17.
  • Melkonian, J. J., Owens, T. G., & Wolfe, D. W. (2004). Gas exchange and co-regulation of photochemical and nonphotochemical quenching in bean during chilling at ambient and elevated carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis Research. 79:71-82.


  • Melkonian, J. J., & van Es, H. M. (2008). 2008 Recommended Adjustments to N Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn Production in New York..
  • Melkonian, J. J., & van Es, H. M. (2008). 2008 Recommended Adjustments to N Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn Production in New York..