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Hugh Gauch

Hugh Gauch

Research Support Specialist

619 Bradfield Hall
(607) 255-7764

B.S. 1964, Botany, University of Maryland
M.S. 1966, Plant Genetics, Cornell University   

Hugh Gauch is a senior research support specialist in Soil and Crop Sciences. For 50 years, his research focus has been multivariate statistical analysis of ecological and agricultural data. He also publishes on the philosophy and method of science, with particular emphasis on parsimony and efficiency.

Research Program

My early research concerned multivariate statistical analysis of ecological data, including development of the Cornell Ecology Programs Series with its computer programs having gone to over 4,000 laboratories. This work was summarized in a 1982 text for Cambridge University Press. 

My current research concerns multivariate analysis in agriculture, including distributing open-source software for AMMI analysis of yield trials and writing a 1992 text for Elsevier. I collaborate on the statistical analysis of yield trials for many crops in many nations. 

In addition, my current research also concerns the philosophy and method of science, which resulted in 2002 and 2012 texts from Cambridge University Press. Special attention has been given to parsimony and its opportunities for increasing accuracy and accelerating progress, including a 2006 paper in American Scientist.

Courses Taught

I teach PLSCS 6900, Scientific Method in Practice, using my 2012 Cambridge book as the text.  I have also mentored several students in PLSCS 4990, Undergraduate Research.

Selected Publications

  • Gauch, H.G. 1982.  Multivariate Analysis in Community Ecology.  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.
  • Gauch, H.G. 1992.  Statistical Analysis of Regional Yield Trials: AMMI Analysis of Factorial Designs.  Elsevier, New York, New York.
  • Gauch, H.G., and Zobel, R.W. 1997.  Identifying mega-environments and targeting genotypes. Crop Science 37:311–326.
  • Gauch, H.G. 2006.  Winning the accuracy game.  American Scientist 94:133–141; correspondence 94:196; addendum 94:196.
  • Gauch, H.G., Piepho, H.-P., and Annicchiarico, P.  2008.  Statistical analysis of yield trials by AMMI and GGE:  Further considerations.  Crop Science 48:866–889.
  • Ebdon, J.S., and Gauch, H.G.  2011.  Direct validation of AMMI predictions in turfgrass trials.  Crop Science 51:862–869.
  • Gauch, H.G., Rodrigues, P.C., Munkvold, J.D., Heffner, E.L., and Sorrells, M.  2011.  Two new strategies for detecting and understanding QTL x environment interactions.  Crop Science 51:96–113.
  • Gauch, H.G.  2012.  Scientific Method in Brief.  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.
  • Gauch, H.G.  2013.  A simple protocol for AMMI analysis of yield trials.  Crop Science 53:  1860–1869.
  • Paderewski, J., Gauch, H.G., Madry, W., and Gacek, E.  2016.  AMMI Analysis of Four-Way Genotype x Location x Management x Year Data from a Wheat Trial in Poland.  Crop Science 56:2157­–2164­.

Complete List of Publications

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