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Deborah Grantham

Deborah Grantham

Senior Extension Associate

385 Roberts Hall
(607) 255-8229

In my full-time role as Assistant Director for Environment and Natural Resources for Cornell Cooperative Extension, I work to develop programming and funding opportunities by connecting Extension and research faculty and educators with each other and with agency, non-profit, and private sector stakeholders. Major initiatives in 2007/2008 are invasive species, renewable energy and energy conservation, climate change with respect to water resources, and sustainability. I contribute to state programming and policy development through the New York Nonpoint Source Coordinating Committee, the Watershed Agriculture Council Steering Committee, New York Sea Grant Program Advisory Committee, and the NYS Soil & Water Conservation Committee. Through participation in these venues, I work to enhance and promote the role of Cornell Cooperative Extension in water resources management. I continue to develop educational programs on nonpoint source pollution and watershed management and providing training for educators and constituents on current issues in those areas and in the use of the program materials and tools. In addition to my administrative and Extension responsibilities, I am interested in the application of hyperspectral reflectance to soil characteristics, and am currently investigating advantages and limitations of data acquired with unmanned aerial systems.

Research Focus

I am conducting research in the application of hyperspectral reflectance to soil characteristics. Currently funded research interest is in the use of unmanned aerial systems, advantages and limitations, in agricultural applications of geospatial sciences. One interest is in decomposing or restructuring the spectral measurements to match the Munsell charts and, therefore visual response.

Outreach and Extension Focus

My primary Extension efforts are in my role as Assistant Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension in Natural Resources and Environment. They are directed at building relationship, facilitating collaborations, including for proposal writing that may result in external funding, and facilitating professional development opportunities for CCE educators. For example, I organized an energy track at the 2009 and 2010 Agriculture and Food Systems In-services. I have brought external and campus speakers to the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation and the Invasive Species PWTs, including organizing sessions with campus and external faculty at the 2008 November Ag In-service. In 2009, I facilitated Cornell's participation in a proposal submitted by SUNY Stony Brook to NYSERDA to establish a NYS Energy Policy Institute. The proposal was funded. I recruited CCE educators to participate in a successful proposal from the Dept. of AEM to the NY Farm Viability Institute. From 2013 through 2016, I participated in a Smith-Lever project, Local Decentralized Wastewater, working with Professor Susan Riha and others in the NYS Water Resources Institute on examining the processes and motivations for choosing centralized wastewater treatment versus decentralized wastewater treatment. Currently, I am PI on a Smith-Lever project, Geospatial Sciences Education for CCE Educators, with co-PI Senior Extension Associate Susan Hoskins.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

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  • Grantham, D. G., Kent, R. J., & Anderson, K. (2008). Land Use Planning: An Informative CD for Communities Concerned with Water Quality. New York Sea Grant, Stonybrook, NY, USA.