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Research within the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences focuses on developing environmentally sustainable agricultural systems to meet growing global food production needs. Areas include addressing climate change, developing sustainable biofuel crops, increasing nutrient use efficiency, and improving soil health, both locally as well as globally. Seminars are offered to provide students and community members with the opportunity to learn about current research on topics related to these areas, as well as those with inter-relationships between these fields and others.

Thursdays, 12:20pm - 1:10pm • 135 Emerson Hall
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Two men looking at exhibit

Fossilized tech depicts ‘The World After Us’

Mar 6, 2020

Alumnus Nathaniel Stern ’99 combined scientific experimentation with artistic exploration to create a traveling exhibition that envisions what our everyday electronic waste will look like millions of years in the future. He collaborated with professor Johannes Lehmann to apply pyrolysis techniques to burn and artificially age the items.

soybean plants in sunlight

Lost in translation: Organic matter cuts plant-microbe links

Jan 31, 2020

Johannes Lehmann's program together with soil scientists at Rice University have dug around and found that although adding carbon organic matter to agricultural fields is usually advantageous, it may muddle the beneficial underground communication between legume plants and microorganisms.

2019 MacDonald Musgrave Awardees

Congratulations to 2019 MacDonald-Musgrave and McClintock Awardees

Dec 16, 2019

Several awards are given out within the School of Integrative Plant Science at the end of each fall semester.  Among these are the MacDonald and Musgrave Awards, given to persons demonstrating exceptional performance and professional contributions and/or service to the disciplines of soil and crop sciences. Recipients were announced on Friday December 13.