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Research within the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences focuses on developing environmentally sustainable agricultural systems to meet growing global food production needs. Areas include addressing climate change, developing sustainable biofuel crops, increasing nutrient use efficiency, and improving soil health, both locally as well as globally. Seminars are offered to provide students and community members with the opportunity to learn about current research on topics related to these areas, as well as those with inter-relationships between these fields and others.

Thursdays, 12:20pm - 1:10pm • 135 Emerson Hall
Complete listing of the SCS Spring 2019 Seminars
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Meet our Faculty: Andrew McDonald

Apr 8, 2019

New faculty member Andrew McDonald is an associate professor in the School of Integrative Plant Science, Soil and Crop Sciences Section with a focus on cropping systems ecology and sustainable agricultural development. Read more