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Prospective Students

Graduate student field research

Soil and Crop Sciences degree programs offer students the opportunity to develop new knowledge that addresses environmental and agricultural problems related to soils and crops, from fundamental to applied. All graduate degree programs in the Field of Soil and Crop Sciences are individualized to suit students' interests, backgrounds, and goals.

Students may choose from five areas of concentration:

Within these concentrations, students may explore specialties, such as: cropping systems, crop production and physiology, crop stress tolerance, seed reproduction and physiology, plant mineral nutrition and toxicity, soil fertility, weed science, soil microbiology, soil biogeochemistry, soil physics, soil health, and soil geospatial information.

Students at the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) level may apply for admission to the M.P.S.(Agriculture and Life Sciences), M.S., or M.S./ Ph.D. program. Students currently at the M.S. level may apply to the Ph.D. program.