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Graduate School Research Travel Grants – Please note new, earlier deadline

The Graduate School will award a limited number of grants to graduate students for research-related travel. It is requested that you submit the Conference Grant Application as soon as possible (more than 30 days ahead of travel), however it can now be accepted up to 30 days after the START date of the conference.  Visit the graduate school website for the research travel grant application. Students will be notified via email that the conference award has been transacted and reflected on  your student center around the 15th of the month. 

In awarding research travel grants, the Graduate School gives priority to Ph.D. students who have or will have passed the A Exam prior to initiating their research travel. Applicants should plan on travel that will be at least several weeks in duration. Prior awardees are given low priority. Field trips related to academic classes are not funded. Because the Graduate School seeks to award a maximum number of grants from limited funds, awards are no more than $2,000. Research travel grants are not intended to act as full semester fellowships. Students are encouraged to submit requests that reflect careful budgeting. For example, applicants should use public transportation when practical, plan on preparing their own meals whenever possible, and secure modest accommodations.

Please note that research travel grants are for travel that is directly related to dissertation research, not conference travel. Conference grant applications are available separately at: