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What's Cropping Up? is a bimonthly digital newsletter distributed by the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences at Cornell University. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide timely information on field crop production and environmental issues as it relates to New York agriculture.  The current issue is below.

The latest articles are always available at the What's Cropping Up? blog. PDFs of previous issues are also available in the archive and on Issuu.

In The Current Issue:

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What is the Nutrient Balance of Your Dairy Farm?

Jun 7, 2016
Nutrient balance is short for “whole farm nutrient mass balance”. While this is a mouthful to say, knowing a whole farm nutrient mass balance for a farm can help managers identify opportunities for improvements that impact farm profitability and the environment. Read more

Whole Farm Corn and Hay Yield Variability; a Dairy Farm Case Study

Jun 7, 2016
Access to accurate yield records is essential if we want to identify limitations to crop production on individual farms, fields, or portions of fields, and to improve field and farm productivity over time. We also need to know yields to evaluate where investment of additional resources (labor, nutrients, seed, lime, tile, etc.) will result in an increase in yield. Read more

Weed Seedbanks on Local Organic Farms

Jun 7, 2016
The goal of this project was to quantify soil weed seedbanks in the fields of four local organic farms. In particular, we have heard from organic farmers that red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) often volunteers profusely in some fields after tillage. Read more

Cover Crop Interseeding Research in New York

Apr 5, 2016
The InterSeeder is a new tool developed at Penn State University that allows for drilling of cover crops into standing cash crops (Figure 1). At the same time, liquid fertilizer and herbicides can also be applied to reduce the number of tractor passes. Read more