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What's Cropping Up? is a bimonthly digital newsletter distributed by the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences at Cornell University. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide timely information on field crop production and environmental issues as it relates to New York agriculture.  The current issue is below.

The latest articles are always available at the What's Cropping Up? blog. PDFs of previous issues are also available in the archive and on Issuu.

In The Current Issue:

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Utilizing Corn Silage Hybrid Trial Results

Mar 31, 2017
A number of independent Corn Silage Hybrid Testing Programs, including the New York (NY) Corn Silage Hybrid Trials, offer valuable information on hybrid performance. But what if the hybrids you’re looking at are not found in individual trials? Read more

Impact of manure injection on alfalfa and grass hay stands

Feb 7, 2017
Producers in New York have shown interest in injecting manure into grass fields and alfalfa fields but have concerns about the potential for mechanical damage when injecting manure. In 2014 and 2015, six field trials were conducted to answer two questions: (1) will application of manure increase alfalfa and grass yields?, and (2) does injection reduce yields due to mechanical damage of the root system? Read more

Organic Sunflowers for Seed Butter

Feb 7, 2017
Early in 2016, the Cornell Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab met with Bob Gelser, CEO of the Once Again Nut Butter Collective, Inc. (OANB) about the feasibility of growing organic confectionary sunflowers in New York State. OANB is an employee-owned business in Nunda, NY that produces several types of nut and seed butters and other products. Read more

Within-Field Profitability Analysis Informs Agronomic Management Decisions

Feb 7, 2017
Digital agriculture is a new concept that focuses on the employment of computational and information technologies to improve the profitability and sustainability of agriculture. A promising opportunity is the use of advanced analytical methods on data that are routinely collected on farms, which allow insight into ways to improve management.  Read more


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