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What's Cropping Up? is a bimonthly digital newsletter distributed by the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences at Cornell University. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide timely information on field crop production and environmental issues as it relates to New York agriculture.  The current issue is below.

The latest articles are always available at the What's Cropping Up? blog. PDFs of previous issues are also available in the archive and on Issuu.

In The Current Issue:

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Image showing plant moisture differences

Corn Silage Management Research in NYS

Feb 11, 2020

Research has been conducted on a range of corn silage management topics in NYS over the past few decades. This summary is based on research that has included multiple sites and/or multiple years.

New phosphorus index chart

New York Phosphorus Index 2.0

Feb 11, 2020

After more than 15 years of field use, version 1 of the New York Phosphorus Index (NY-PI) has been updated. The new version (NY-PI 2.0) incorporates new science and does a better job of addressing P loss risk while still giving farm managers options for recycling manure nutrients.

Oat leaf with crown rust

Managing Oat Crown Rust to Prevent Yield Loss

Feb 11, 2020

Crown rust is a continuing threat to oat production in New York, and recent epidemics have cast a spotlight on this disease. To better advise growers on crown rust management, we examined the impact of crown rust on oat grain yields and the disease resistance of available and soon to be available varieties.

NYS counties with SCN

Soybean Cyst Nematode Now Confirmed in Six Additional Counties in New York

Feb 11, 2020

The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is considered the number one pest of economic concern of soybeans nationally and globally, potentially causing 10-30% yield loss in the absence of above ground symptoms. Considering that this pest is confirmed in surrounding states and provinces, and given its potential to spread, statewide survey efforts have been underway since 2013 to determine the presence or absence of the soybean cyst nematode in NY.