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As the land grant university of New York State, Cornell University provides agricultural extension services and information throughout the state through Cornell Cooperative Extension and various departmental programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The sections of Soil and Crop Sciences, Plant Breeding and Genetics, and Horticulture have extension programs which engage in field crop variety testing to provide farmers, seed producers, and distributors with information about variety performance in New York State.  

The section of Soil and Crop Sciences has conducted crop variety testing on the following groups: (Please note:  soybean variety tests are not planned for 2018.)

Other crop varieties tested include:

Corn Silage

New and leading corn silage hybrids are annually evaluated for yield, moisture at harvest, quality characteristics, milk/ton, and calculated milk yields across 3-4 locations in NY.  (Please note:  corn silage variety tests were not conducted in 2014 or 2015 but have resumed on a limited basis.) For information on how to interpret the corn silage hybrid trial results, watch the Cornell Corn Silage Trial Results webinar.

You may also contact Joe Lawrence with any further questions.


Roundup Ready soybeans varieties in Maturity Groups I and II are annually evaluated for yield, seed moisture, height, and lodging score across 4 locations in NY.  (Please note:  soybean variety tests are not currently being conducted.)

For more information on previous trials, contact: Bill Cox