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The Section of Soil and Crop Sciences addresses the challenge of developing environmentally sustainable agricultural systems to produce food on regional, national, and international scales through three major program areas: Soil Science, Crop Science, and Environmental Information Systems.

Extension and Outreach in the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences accomplishes the Cornell Cooperative Extension mission in the management of integrated field crops by partnering with extension and applied research programs in departments and organizations across the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to:

Connect to Stakeholders

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators
  • Industry, Agribusiness, and Commodity Groups
  • Crop Consultants
  • Crop and Animal Producers
  • Government Agencies and Policymakers

Identify and Meet Needs

Crop Production, Physiology, and Genetics

  • Environmental Stress Biology, Crop Nutrition Quality & Health, Propagational Biology
  • Variety Testing Programs, Population Improvement, Inbred and Hybrid Improvement

Integrated Management of Field Crop Insects, Diseases, and Weeds

  • Evaluate Biological, Chemical, and Cultural Control Strategies
  • Research on Biology, Epidemiology, and Resistance of Pests and Hosts
  • Scouting Resources and Current Recommendations

Nutrient and Soil Health Management

  • Enhance Profitability and Environmental Stewardship
  • Soil Quality Testing
  • Adaptive Nitrogen Management in Corn

Provide Resources

In-service Training group

Trainings and Field Days

  • November In-Service Training
  • Field Crop Dealer Meeting
  • Certified Crop Advisor Training
  • Small Grains Management Field Day
  • NYS Weed Science Field Day
  • Aurora Farm Field Day
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Publications and Online Resources

Testing Services