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Musgrave Research Farm

The Musgrave Research Farm provides productive arable land for applied agricultural research, teaching and extension. The farm is 35 miles north of Cornell's Ithaca campus, in the southern portion of Cayuga County, in the township of Ledyard, on the Poplar Ridge road two miles east of Aurora and Cayuga Lake. There are three annual field days held here each summer: the Small Grain Management Field Day; Weed Days; and the Musgrave Farm Field Day.

The farm is currently managed by the Agricultural Experiment Station; please visit their website for further information about the farm.


Purchased in 1949 by the Agronomy Department for experiments on soils representative of the highly productive areas of the lime belt of the Ontario Plain. Years of cash crop farming and inadequate fertilization had left the soils in a depleted condition although fairly uniform in structure and nutrient levels. The original farm purchase included a house built in 1798 by Benjamin and Mary Howland which was the site of the first Friends (Quakers) county meeting in 1799. One mile east is the house of Jethro Wood who, in 1819, patented the first moldboard plow with replaceable parts. He married Benjamin Howland's daughter, Sylvia, and moved with the Howland family to Aurora.