Olena Vatamaniuk

Olena Vatamaniuk

Associate Professor

608 Bradfield Hall
(607) 255-8049

Olena Vatamaniuk is Associate Professor of Molecular Biology of Abiotic Stress in the Soil and Crop Sciences Section at Cornell University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Botany at Lviv State University, Ukraine in 1992 and Ph.D. in Plant Physiology at Lviv State and Kyiv State Universities, Ukraine. Driven by the desire to extend her expertise from physiology to molecular biology and biochemistry she joined Dr. Phil Rea’s group at the University of Pennsylvania, USA for postdoctoral studies were she focused on molecular mechanisms of phytochelatin-dependent heavy metal detoxification in plants. Finding that the phytochelatin-dependent pathway, formerly suggested to be restricted to plants and some fungi, operates in at least some animals, the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans, prompted her to gain additional expertise in C. elegans biology, at the Department of Genetics of University of Pennsylvania. She joined the Cornell faculty in 2005. Her research program focuses on analyses of transition metals homeostasis and crosstalk between essential and toxic metals in plants and C. elegans.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Jung, H. I., Zhai, Z., & Vatamaniuk, O. K. (2011). Direct Transfer of Synthetic Double-Stranded RNA into Protoplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana. Methods in Molecular Biology. 744:109-127.
  • Yu, D., Danku, J., Baxter, I., Kim, S., Vatamaniuk, O. K., Salt, D. E., & Vitek, O. (2011). Noise reduction in genome-wide perturbation screens using linear mixed-effect models. Bioinformatics. 27:2173-2180.
  • Schwartz, M. S., Benci, J. L., Selote, D., Sharma, A., Chen, A., Dang, H., Fares, H., & Vatamaniuk, O. K. (2010). Detoxification of multiple heavy metals by a half-molecule ABC transporter HMT-1 and coelomocytes of Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS One. 5:e9564.
  • Kim, S., Selote, D., & Vatamaniuk, O. K. (2010). The N-terminal extension domain of the C. elegans half-molecule ABC transporter, HMT-1, is required for protein-protein interactions and function. PLoS One. 5: e12938.
  • Mendoza-Cózatl, D. G., Zhai, Z., Jobe, T. O., Akmakjian, G. Z., Song, W., Limbo, O., Russell, M. R., Kozlovskyy, V. I., Martinoia, E., Vatamaniuk, O. K., Russell, P., & Schroeder, J. I. (2010). Tonoplast-localized Abc2 Transporter Mediates Phytochelatin Accumulation in Vacuoles and Confers Cadmium Tolerance. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 285:40416-40426.
  • Zhai, Z., Jung, H., & Vatamaniuk, O. K. (2009). Isolation of protoplasts from tissues of 14-days-old seedlings of Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Visual Experiments. 17:1149.

Presentations and Activities

  • Transcriptional Regulatory Networks that Coordinate Copper Homeostasis and Crosstalk with Cadmium Resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana. October 2014. Duke University, USA. Vico Equense, Italy.
  • OPT3 is a Multispecific Transition Metal Transporter that Loads Fe into the Phloem and Mediates Root-to-Shoot Partitioning of Cd by Orchestrating Transcriptional Fe Deficiency Responses. July 2013. ASPB. Providence, Phode Island, USA.